Quest Nutrition: Pumpkin Pie Quest Bar

I was tasked with directing a splashy (literally…) YouTube commercial, promoting the launch of Quest’s first coated bar, the seasonal Pumpkin Pie flavor.

Script Excerpt

While Rebecca begins her vlog, a PA wheels out the Mystery Box, places it behind Rebecca on drop mark and quietly leaves.

PA immediately returns with “Open Me” sign… places it pointing at box, and leaves.

Rebecca opens box (Director will cue her from off camera, if needed)

Inside the box is a dynamite plunger.

DIRECTOR (over speaker): “I’m going to need you to use the plunger Rebecca.”

Rebecca pushes plunger (Hidden extras and crew will start chanting “Push it!” to encourage her if needed) and first confetti shot fires!

Fousey lowers down from above and double-pies Rebecca!

Rebecca reacts, Fousey congratulates her! The PA returns with PP Bar for Rebecca.

Fousey (still hanging from wires): “Alright Rebecca, on the count of three, give me a ‘Get Pumpkin!’ 1, 2, 3, Get Pumpkin!”

Concept Art

Production Days